About us

'Together we build a mindful world of authenticity and true happiness'

Jennifer Hordijk-Faure – Certified Mindfulness Trainer, Mindfulness Specialist, Yoga Teacher

Jennifer is a warm-hearted, enthusiastic, and caring person originally from South Africa. Over 20 years of experience in corporate communication have given her a deep understanding of the challenges that a demanding professional environment can place on a person, During her own journey, Jennifer discovered that applying mindfulness techniques really helped her be more present in her life, and to remain calm and centered, even in turbulent periods. Her life experience improved so much that she decided to master mindfulness techniques in order to help others find the same benefits. Her teaching style is relaxed, positive and down to earth. She greatly enjoys using mindfulness to help others make their journey towards a happier, more balanced life. 

Auxilia Tromp – Coach, Therapist, Creator,  Mindfulness Specialist


Auxilia is a curious, creative and caring person with a passion for personal growth, inner leadership, humanism and Buddhism. She lived in four different countries, traveled extensively around the globe and has a background in both intercultural business and psychology/coaching.

Her higher goal in life is to help people reconnect with themselves and find their calling, raise consciousness and plant seeds of true happiness.

Auxilia found in Jennifer a like-minded soul: Mindfulness is definitely one of the seeds of happiness we all should plant.